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The Leading Intelligent Spectral Audio Vitalizer | Enhancer


SPECTRALIVE NXT is "the" definitive secret weapon for attaining that professional "commercial" sound. The Spectralive process is a novel and proprietary approach for imparting Vitality and warmth to all your audio material.

The legendary Spectralive Audio Enhancer/ Vitalizer Plug-in is now also a Stand Alone Product! Use Spectralive without requiring an audio host.

As a Stand-alone product, Spectralive V6 SA is Incredibly efficient, easy to use and reliable under all supported platforms as the requirement and adherence to a third-party host application is not necessary.

Spectralive V6 Stand-Alone comprises of many new features not found in the plugin version and great support for all Audio Hardware at blazing speeds. Rendering audio many magnitudes faster then any host application is the forte of V6 Stand-Alone.

Spectralive V6 Stand-Alone has even better Audio Dithering support and with multiple new Advanced settings unlike in any other comparable product. The all New Waveform display allows fast feedback to dial in just the right amount of processing on individual files. For Mac OS X and PC at 32 | 64 Bit

Spectralive NXT can be used as a single Pro Mastering / Enhancement software for all tasks such as tracking, mixing, live and sound sculpting / Engineering.

64 / 32 Bit ENGINE NEW Spectralive NXT V6 standalone audio vitality / enhancement processor

Spectralive NXT includes not one but two Pro Mastering Grade Compressors. A Multi-Band and a Single band version and both offer great transparent compression with zero latency. You also have an option to place them pre or post Spectralive process including parallel compression which is great for Drums and Vocals.

Also includes a secondary Zero latency Opto Limiter with Knee adjustments. The new limiter will also induce analog harmonics with certain settings. The 'BASS House' rack is the all new Harmonic Bass Enhancement processor. Taking the lead from their popular newB V4 Plugin, BASS House is a secret weapon for Bass re-enforcement in all music production, this is a serious tool. An all new Audio GATE Rack process is now also available, this can also be placed pre or post to Spectralive processing. We have taken great care to make this as transparent and smooth sounding as possible even at extreme attack /release settings. Last but not least we have added a great sounding improved Dithering process for the final output. Two types include Triangular PDF and a final master stereo noise shaping dither. Word length options are 16,24 bits with DC shift dial.

Spectralive V6 SA - utilizing highly efficient assembly DSP code while everything is enabled, dramatically improves performance and provides the ability to change the User Interface to any COLOR you wish! Utilizing a completely new engine Spectralive NXT V6 is a completely re-coded new product with everything using 64-bit internal precision designed for high end professional use.

Some notable features include an 11 Band Look-ahead Soft Peak limiter /EQ /Maximizer with intelligent clip warning assistant. Final Master Clipping prevention ensures your audio does not distort and this can be switched on or off. The New multi-band effects Mix Palette section provides you with an infinite combination of algorithms and processes to enable better targeting the source audio.

Spectralive NXT is MAGICAL with Mono sources with exceptional and unrivaled results ! Convert any Mono audio source such as guitars, vocals, bass to stereo with a combination of three choices (MTS1, MTS2, ATMOSPHERICS) in any combination or all at once before applying the Spectralive effect! The ATMOSPHERICS section can be used as an additional enhancement process which can be applied to either stereo or mono signals on top of the Spectralive effect to further impart balance, clarity, definition and stereo coherence.

NEW Spectralive NXT V6 standalone audio vitality / enhancement processor


Spectralive NXT SA provides you with unprecedented 64-combiations of algorithms and processors together with A-B comparison which can be used in conjunction with the Mix palette providing an insane amount of combinations. The new Level meters also provide invaluable information during tweaking while mastering /mixing /tracking and audio restoration or re-mastering. Further more, Spectralive NXT incorporates a smooth high-resolution Real-Time FFT Spectrum and a Spectrogram display enabling precise monitoring of the effected audio plus many other new features and improvements.



(Video is from the initial Alpha Version)

BETTER SOUNDNEW Spectralive NXT V6 standalone audio vitality / enhancement processor

Fully customizable User Interface colors, Change the look to any color you wish instantly. Adjust the Hue, Saturation and Brightness and all settings are stored in the preset. You can even have different colors on every instance of Spectralive on any track, see instantly which Spectralive you are tweaking! Such as Red for Vocals, Blue for guitar, Green for the Master Channel.

The main GLOBAL VITALITY Dial controls the final Spectralive effect for easy adjustment to taste, input/output gain dials can further be used to control the final audio output.

SPECTRALIVE has now over 60000+ users worldwide and available for both PC and Mac OS

Master, Mix, Track your music on an even playing field regardless of your monitor speakers setup or quality

Please See SPECTRALIVE NXT What is it? section for more technical details



NEW NOW 64-Bit with Compact Design
NEW A complete Mastering tool chain
NEW Pro Multi / Single Band Compression, Can run both at the same time pre/post!
NEW BASS HOUSE - Bass Enhancer
NEW Opto Pro-Audio Quality Finalizing limiter

NEW Smooth Audio Gate for Vocals and other related instruments
NEW Final Audio Dither for Mastering
NEW Better Host compatibility



UPDATED FFT Spectrum Display now much more accurate

New generation Audio Plug-in to utilize the spectral-vitality process
Completely re-coded new product with a gorgeous new GUI
Now with 64 Algorithms and Processor Combinations
11- Band Look-Ahead smooth Peak limiter /EQ /Maximizer
Intelligent Clip warning Assistant LED's
Automatic Look-ahead Final Master Clipping Prevention
Multi-Band Effect Mix Palette providing an insane number of combinations
NOW can be used with Mono Audio signals
• Three methods to convert mono to stereo
All new ATMOSPHERICS Enhancement process can be used on Stereo or mono signals

Real-Time smooth FFT Spectrum Analysis
Hi-Resolution Spectrogram

Single VITALITY Dial for global tweak
A-B Comparison of chosen effect
• Increase Stereo coherencel
• Sonically Correct mastering
• Audio Frequency targeting
• Intelligent Phase control
• Highly optimized custom DSP code
• Double click to set each control to default value!
• Press Ctrl for finer Adjustment
• Very Intuitive and easy to use User Interface
• 64-bit internal precision
• Highly optimized Assembly DSP code with Vectorization on the Mac OS X Platform
• The Spectralive™ process is a novel and proprietary approach for imparting Vitality and warmth to all your audio material
• Master, Mix, Track your music on an even playing field regardless of your monitor speakers setup or quality
• For Mastering, Mixing, Tracking, Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Virtual Instruments and Live


• Impart Vitality and Clarity to any audio material without any artificial harmonics
• Ideal for vitalizing dynamics during tracking
• Film /TV Sound tracks
• Audio Restoration
• Re-Mastering
• Shape Spectral definition
• Increase stereo separation and definition without any artifacts
• Decrease frequency masking effects during mixing and mastering
• Reduce phase and amplitude dependency on the fundamental and Harmonic frequencies that exist between most loudspeakers
• Boost the bottom-end without affecting the midrange frequencies
• Enhance presence during live performances
• Increase dynamics for sound effects for games and other related media


Minimum system requirements and compatibility


• Intel Celeron 800 or faster processor
• 256MB RAM or more
• Windows 8/7/ Vista /Windows XP
• VST compatible audio application
• A one-time only Activation. We also guarantee life time ownership and use in any event when you like to move your product to a different DAW or PC.


• Intel Mac
• 512MB RAM or more
• Mac OS X 10.5 or newer



The Spectralive process is a novel and proprietary approach to facilitating Mixing and Mastering of music for professional and “commercial” quality results.

Spectralive uses a considerably different method to achieve it’s pleasing (sonically correct, phase-accurate) and fresh sound in an unexpected way when compared with other enharmonic exciters, analog tube simulators. Spectralive does not add any artificial harmonics or overtone content thereby eliminating the inherent “hiss” introduced by other exciter and enhancer type effects. There are a number of ways in which we can describe the effect of Spectralive and some of them would be Vitality (this we believe is the primary description), Warmth, Better stereo coherence, Less phase distortion, reduction of frequency masking, extra sparkle, more presence, greatly improved spectral definition and less Harmonic distortion.

Spectralive has been designed from the outset to be used in many configurations in your rig and to provide full technical details regarding the Spectralive process is beyond the scope of this overview, however, providing a brief application of Spectralive should give you a basic idea in it’s capabilities. One of the most important areas of usage for Spectralive is in the final Mastering stage of your music, so lets have a look in to this a little more.

Mastering is probably the single most important aspects of music production, which is often overlooked and misunderstood by many. The mastering stage is usually the final stage before the production goes on to CD, Radio, TV, tape or Internet distribution via suitable compression methods such as mp3. One important aim of mastering is to make your music sound as close as possible to the “intended” sound on truly extraordinary number of different loudspeaker systems in use today. The “intended” sound is the problem area since how does one know what is the intended sound?

Part of the problem lies with how loudspeakers with multiple drivers are designed and how the human ear perceives sound. Speakers with multiple drivers i.e. with tweeters, woofers and midrange limit the signal entering in to the drivers via filters know as a cross over network such as Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel and Butterworth. Primarily most cross over networks alter what is known as frequency phase relationship, even though ever so slightly in most cases this causes “Phase Distortion”

figure 1a

figure 1b

If any of the frequency components in a signal (figure 1a) shifts by a certain time other then zero (figure 1b) the signal suffers from phase distortion. In 1827, Georg Ohm stated that the phase of a wave has no perceptible significance and many loudspeaker designs have taken this to be the case. However, latest research shows that in most cases it is perceptible and is a significant aspect of the character or the “timbre” of a sound i.e. the fundamental and harmonic constituent of the sound. The interesting trait of most speaker designs is that the “relative” amount of modification required to correct the signal from these artifacts is minimal and approximately equal in amounts across a broad range of loudspeakers.

The “ PROCESS “ in Spectralive does this process intelligently depending on the type of source signal. There are many types of processes currently available and we examine their usage environments comprehensively in the manual as they each behave differently. Please also note that phase shift correction is only one of the multiple tasks performed by each individual Process Algorithm.


There is also an important concept that needs to be understood and that is Humans don't hear all frequencies of sound at the same level. The perception of a particular frequency at a particular intensity in decibels is expressed by a Fletcher Munson Equal Loudness curve.
As can be seen from the graph, we are more sensitive to frequencies between 3K-5K then other frequencies, also notice that our sensitivity changes with respect to intensity. This is partly the reason why the bottom-end and the top-end (frequencies above 5K) definition dissipates when listening at low volumes. Provided that you have a very good quality monitoring setup and an environment to match and you are experienced, most often then not the results you achieve will be a hit and miss affair i.e. dull sound, boomy-bass on other loudspeakers and reduced perceptibility of instruments in the mix and so forth.

The points we have raised so far highlight the importance of the existing relationships between modulation, phase and the fundamentals. Spectralive reduces these inherent problems and many others significantly, there by allowing you to master your mixes on an “even playing field”.



ONLY $99






some user quotes

I decided to buy it immediately after trying the demo for a I don't use to believe in that kind of words but ,believe me ,
it's really a " Secret Weapon for Mastering " !! You can get good  RMS levels with minor changes on dynamics. It will stay on  my mastering chain forever ! Forget about brickwall, this is another step in multiband  limiting.

Rafael Rigo
Recording Engineer, Sound Engineer, Designing Live Shows

"Back in the 80's when I started home recording, I had the Aphex Exciter and used it in all my recordings. Now in 2005, I feel I have found something similar in Spectralive. I use it on drums, piano and even in the master bus. It took me a while to find the settings that work for my music. I feel your effect makes a sound mix three-dimensional and brilliant. Now, when I listen to any recording without Spectralive, it actually sounds dull. "

Greg Lemmenmeier musician, Zurich www.greg.ch

"I decided to buy it immediately after trying the demo for a couple of minutes. It sounds much more exciting than an exciter. It gave the tracks I put through it definition and clarity without ever getting that sizzling excitersound. "

Joris Wittenberg iO Music Creations


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