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This section contains support information for all our audio plug-ins, Please contact crysonic general support by sending an e-mail to support@crysonic.com for all other enquiries. Thanks!

General Support
How do I contact crysonic for help ?
Please contact crysonic general support by sending an e-mail to support@crysonic.com

How can I receive the latest updates and are they Free?

All our current customers are notified of the latest updates via e-mail, when there is an update available you will automatically receive a download link for that update which is unique to you and active for a few days. If you have missed out on downloading the latest update please contact our support staff to re-activate your download. Alternatively you can make a request to receive the latest update from our updates page.

All updates are FREE such as V1.0 to V1.1 or V1.1 to V1.2 . There is a small fee for all major upgrades


Do you provide discounts for your other products if I purchase a single product?

Yes! We have a great customer loyalty program, All our current and future customers are entitled to receive substantial discounts for "ALL" of our new released audio plug-ins and currently available plug-ins.


Can I Sell /Transfer my license of crysonic plug-ins to someone else

Yes! When you purchase any plug-in from crysonic you are free to do what you like with them as long as you only sell / Transfer the license you own. The only thing we ask is that you contact us with the details of the new owner so they are included as a new customer with all the privileges.

Platforms / Available Formats and Compatibility
What Format's are supported ?
Most plug-ins are available for both PC and Mac OS X, please check the products information page for availability
Do you have Mac OS versions including the new intel Mac versions available ?

The formats supported for Mac OSX are AudioUnit and VST and they are in UNIVERSAL BINARY files compatible with Intel and Power PC's

Available Formats

What Host programs or DAW environments are compatible with the VST Versions?

Due to the vast number of hosts available it is beyond our scope to test them all for compatibility, however we have done extensive testing with some of the most popular hosts in use today. We strongly encourage you to download our free demo versions and test them thoroughly with your setup until satisfied.

What Host programs or DAW environments are compatible with the Mac OSX Versions?
All Mac OS X Hosts such as Logic Pro, DP, Tracktion, Ableton Live that support either AU or VST format

How do I Install VST plug-ins for my host program?
All our plug-ins including the demo and the full versions after purchase come in a .zip compressed file. Just extract i.e. unzip all the files in to your respective plugins folder of your host or the relevant plug-ins folder on the Mac OS X platform.

Pre-Sales / Delivery and Ordering

Where can I find more information regarding sales related questions?

To contact our sales team please send an email to support@crysonic.com

For all Payment enquiries including security please go to our Payment Options section.

Join our News Letter
Please fill in the Newsletter e-mail at the Top of this page or please send an e-mail here to join our news letter and stay current with all that is crysonic

Update your Customer details
Please sent an e-mail to support@crysonic.com to update your details if they differ from what we have in our customer database. Please state the name of the product and your previous e-mail and the name you have provided us for the initial purchase. Thank you!


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