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Spectralive NXT V3

I decided to buy it immediately after trying the demo for a I don't use to believe in that kind of words but ,believe me ,
it's really a " Secret Weapon for Mastering " !! You can get good  RMS levels with minor changes on dynamics. It will stay on  my mastering chain forever ! Forget about brickwall, this is another step in multiband  limiting.

Rafael Rigo

Recording Engineer, Sound Engineer, Designing Live Shows

Spectralive NXT V3
I decided to buy it immediately after trying the demo for a couple of minutes. It sounds much more exciting than an exciter. It gave the tracks I put through it definition and clarity without ever getting that sizzling excitersound. I fully agree with your claims that it is a plug-in for creating that mysterious ' produced' sound. It makes
things big without them becomming muddy or difficult to handle. I can see this plugin becomming my secret weapon for a long while to come. I think this is one of the first truly succesful ' just-make-everything-sound-better' plugin. For a while I wasn't quite sure what to think of the rather abstract names for the algorithms ('A' , ' D' ), but it is just plain fun trying them all out, especially when they all sound so good. I look forward to your futureproducts, escpecially of they wil have the same attractive rates as Spectralive.

Joris Wittenberg iO Music Creations

Spectralive NXT V3

We use Spectralive for the last few days and like to thank you for this fantastic program, best money I've spent on a software plugin.

Konrad S - Musica Cantus Madrid, Spain


Spectralive NXT V3
Thank you for developing the Spectralive Plug-In and for releasing it at a low price. For me, it is the tool I was searching for since quite a long time as it represents the missing link to give my music that special "pro-sound" with the clarity and punch known from expensive analogue equipment.

Ilja Rosendahl / Songwriter and Producer from Latent Anxiety www.latentanxiety.com


Spectralive NXT V3
Your plugin is very very good, the best in vst field, like Aphex...

Davide D. enhanceaudio, Italy www.enhanceaudio.com


Spectralive NXT V3
Spectralive, good name, good price, very good sound! , we use this on all percussive tracks and do not use other *BE hardware, thank you

Salih Ozgur - Can Music Studyosu, Istanbul, Turkey


Spectralive NXT V3
Wanted to thank you for the upgrade and it has really made a difference in the studio. The difference is that when I turn on spectralive in the mastering section it feels like I'm in a major studio with really great sound engineers. I am using soft compression last in the mastering chain and spectralive has made my experience in mixing much better.

Glen- musician

Uh....yeah...this thing is off-the-charts cool. I don't fully understand all the features yet, but this is one sweet sounding EQ!!! And a limiter!!! Oh man, this is nuts.

Jeremy Dahl, Multimedia Designer www.palebluedot.ca

Wow!  I tried out Spectra'Q last night and was amazed.  Not only did it help me tame my unbalances frequencies by being able to hear harmonic distortion, but once the frequencies were balanced, the precision of the controls blew my mind!  Not only was I able to Equalize the exact harmonics that are necessary for the optimum change in the overall mix, but the overall effect of this on a multiple band level DEFINITELY makes it well-worth the money spent!  YOU GUYS OWN!

Ben Althauser- musician www.myspace.com/orionsgate


As an avid user of Spectralive we were looking forward to your new products, Let me again say, I am a true fan of SpectraQ after using it in the first hour. The convenience of having the Multiband harmonics under your fingertips is awesome. I was using other "multiple plug-ins" before this to harmonically balance a track and it truly was a pain to go back and forth between all these plugins. Spectra'Q I think can also be considered an Audio exciter on steroids(This depends on the way you set it up or use it) and this works so well with Spectralive I'm inclined to say they will most certainly be the first and Last plugins in my Mastering stage. Well done!

Steve H .- into3d entertainment technology, Australia

Spectralive NXT V3

It's amazing that you guys made these changes with the SpectraLive!
I've been working with the program for a year and was about 75% to that top music producer radio sound with my mixing and mastering.  It sounded great but there were two problems.  The mix had an "overall" enhancement.  I couldn't give more or less vitality to the highs, mids, etc.  And I couldn't make the 3K area stand out.
Three solutions.
1. Your new spectralive allows to vitalize per band.
2. I (by luck) put the Spectralive last in the chain.  After the loudness maximizer.  Now I can give +2db at 3K and you can hear it.  If it's before the loudness maximizer in the chain, it does nothing.
3.  The fact that I can now add +2db atb 3K easily with your software.
Now I'll be at 100% with the top mixers and masterers!
I believe a lot of the sound Spectra live creates could be achieved with different plug ins, eq techniques, and years of tricks.  But with Spectra live all you need to know is what you want and flip a few switches and you got it!  I don't need to know all the tricks!
Michael Rosen


Dear Sir,

Your plugins sound so good ! Can't wait to see a LA2A and 1176LN from your factory... Spectraphy! is very close (or in between these two :). With the Bomb Factory smooth classic look....

Sebastian Niedziela, classical composer


Spectralive NXT V3
We are a professional recording studio in Italy, the name is AUDIOMUSICA, we have bought "Spectralive v2" after downloading the demo. It's FANTASTIC, the sound is incredible after you apply it in a track. For lead Vocal and for MIXING/MASTERING is the FINAL PLUG before the maximizer! Thanks to CRYSONIC for this plugin! We are now interested for the other plugins. Finally the Price is very very affordable for a professional plugin, another big THANKS to Crysonic! We hope to use crysonic plugins in all our works! This comment is REAL if you want to contact us to confirm don't hesitate!

Andrea Dugros
General Manager & Audio Engineer
Audiomusica Recording Studios


Spectralive NXT V3
I like your new audio vitaliser effect. Back in the 80's when I started home recording, I had the Aphex Exciter and used it in all my recordings. Now in 2005, I feel I have found something similar in Spectralive. I use it on drums, piano and even in the master bus. It took me a while to find the settings that work for my music. I feel your effect makes a sound mix three-dimensional and brilliant. Now, when I listen to any recording without Spectralive, it actually sounds dull. I actually recommended your effect at the KVR forum. A happy customer.

Greg Lemmenmeier Web developer and hobby musician, Zurich www.greg.ch

Spectralive NXT V3
We are currently in the final phase of producing the audio material for one of our up-coming games rc squad. We have so far attained better results, more dynamic sound with spectralive then most other tools we use

Steve H .- into3d entertainment technology, Australia

Spectralive NXT V3

I've strapped this plugin across the master bus of my last three tunes (in Cakewalk Project 5) right in front of my multiband compressor. I kid you not, it sounds like a blanket has been lifted off the tune. The increase in clarity and definition is amazing, and it doesn't introduce any harshness at all, unlike some mastering/exciter/enhancer plugs. Spectralive would be worth three times the price. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

David Blackstone- musician


Spectralive NXT V3
Many thanks for a great product, at a great price. Really makes my tracks zing!!

Stuart Osborne- musician


Spectralive NXT V3
I just bought spectra live. My friend from Finland showed it to me, and I had to try it out. I downloaded the demo & was blown away. You have here a truly amazing product & I guarantee it will be on every single one of my tracks in the future. Thanx for making a great product!

Ben Althauser- musician www.myspace.com/orionsgate

Thank you for allowing us to use and test SpectraQ. This is an unusually productive tool, being able to add Harmonics in a multiband environment is great. There are almost limitless possibilities with this, the EQ quality and warmth reminds us of API's 560B Vintage Equalizer. The Limiter and Maximizer section is probably the best we heard, very transparent. We also discovered that we can even get a great AMP simulation by maximizing the first and third octave Harmonics in the MID ranges and a little second order Harmonics on the low end, then we switch on the limiter, simply stunning sound

Emirates Studios, BKB

I just want to say THANKS for this fantastic plugin. It makes wonders on acoustic rhythm guitar and vocals. There was a long time wait since iZotopeOzone for an alternate Multiband-Harmonic Exciter.

Peter Leinfellner KVR forums, guitarist and vocalist


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